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Career Management


Noman Bin Zahiruddin
Chief Executive, talent management.
Treasurer, Bangladesh Society for Human Resources Management.
Ex-Operations HR Manager, COATS Bangladesh Ltd.
Ex-HR Manager Lafarge Surma Cement Ltd.

I always remember one of my mentor’s statement “A good boy is he, who knows all good or bad avenues of a society, but he is on his right path.” Let me convey my heartiest gratitude to this self-experienced professional, till today who is silently inspiring me to move forward in my career. Having so, my professional grooming continue and career is moving.

Few years’ back different public & private universities, invited me to their Career Planning Program as discussant. I was amazed with my new experience that, now a days; parents & guardians, students from different public and private universities, graduates and post-graduates, ladies and gentlemen working in respective government and semi-government institutions, local and multi-national corporate houses are seems to be very much concerned with few mysterious words like; “Career”, “Profession”, “Success”, etc. In my opinion, these will elevate overall standard and quality of education. My next realization is that, sometimes parents and guardians make extra load and pressure to their children by selecting education medium, subject and ultimate career. Doing so, we are experiencing that in many cases children and students are losing their interest towards education and study lesson. As a result many talents are getting frustrated and the country is losing promising professionals from different applications. It is also true, in a tender age, an inexperience graduate cannot aim her/his Career. It is the most sincere duty of a teacher, a parent and a guardian to identify hidden talent and help the children to set a sail towards development. A very famous statement of Albert Einstein is a lifetime inspiration to all generations; “Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think”. My sincere complements to respective teachers and guardians, please do not put tons of loads of lesson on to the children in the name of so called Education, please create a stronger basic, then you will see your loving kids will be running holding multiple sense of responsibilities.

Many people addressed “Career” in different aspects with different dimensions and experiences. In general Career means a sequence of positions occupied by a person during the course of lifetime. It does not imply advancement, success or failure. It may be paid or un-paid work, skilled or un-skilled or may technical. To understand more easily career is a period of time, you spend in your life, working particular things. As a practicing professional I would like to discuss few points on Career Management. Firstly we should identify children skills and interest and s/he should feel interest to select her/his subject by choice. This is a very common and long practicing system in advanced countries. Then comes, Study up; the education system and curriculum should be linked to practical and realistic lesson. Case studies, projects and assignments with subject matters will encourage students to be more industrious and curious to go in to deep and learn more. A headhunter circulated an offer for technical position “Web designer” having the skills of public relations, working ability with diverse clients, under pressure and meets deadlines. A graduate from PR or Journalism may think of to apply for the position. In fact, applicant should gain insider information about a job and should look for parallels between that profession and background. As s/he brainstorms connections, assured that Web designer is not focus on coding expertise because that’s not a strong match for a career in PR. That we call “Look for links”. Interestingly job seekers in our country emphasis on so many things that, sometimes they forget their strong areas and pretend s/he is master of all tracks. This is very much suicidal. I cannot hold good command on Science and Social Science, Humanities and Human Anatomy or even in Marketing and Money Market at a time. A candidate should emphasis on right skills, which an organization are really looking for and s/he is genuinely having those set of skills. Finally “Market Your Skills” i.e. be a master with your skills. If you are master of only one skill, be very strong in that particular skill. Identify where your skill is really need, study up and prepare yourself exactly with that line with your full heart, prove your ability and win it. Your choice will help you to make a beautiful and excellent Career.

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